I'm Passionate

about motion-graphics, video, 3D

My name is Jean-Briac d’Augustin, I’m a french motion-designer and 3D generalist. I have learned much myself and it has become a passion. I like to discovering and learning new technics, creating new styles and sharing ideas with other professionals.

I worked for a year at Hellohikimori where I learned how to mix techniques to produce original and unique contents. See more

For 5 months I was in charge of the motion segment in the web agency Uzik. I gained work processes, especially in 2D animation. See more

I got a degree in information engineering and digital communication (HETIC) which gave me a large digital and web understanding. I acquired multiple skills related to web disciplines while I specialised in video.

I work as a freelancer, allowing me to develop further skills and gain experience working on different issues.

As a result, I have mastered various techniques and software : Cinema 4D, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and I’ve also trained myself on Realflow. You can see how I work watching the breakdown of this project.

I spend a lot of time to practicing, exploring, learning, testing, while getting inspiration from social networks such as Vimeo or Be-hance.