This project was born from the desire to create a short film that would allow me to show my technical and artistic skills while having a lot of fun and learning new techniques. It’s during my free time I produced Discovery.

I have implemented numerous techniques in order to improve and master them better. It’s amazing to design a film from A to Z, step by step, we progress, we test, we throw, we restart again and again and it takes shape. But until the final render we are not sure how it will look! It took a week to render all the 3D rushes and post-production and editing took place over 2 months.


The short movie

I chose to do the post-production before the editing. I wanted to edit with a view of the final product, to feel the music with the visual. To get there I have set up a workflow between After Effects and Premiere Pro which allowed me to render the final video with After Effect. It was a real learning experience, whether for modeling, creating UV mapping, or for animation techniques, it allowed me to go even further.




Watch how I work