Skiller is a student project, which offers a new and exciting experience for PC games players, offering them the opportunity to be recognised and raise the game stakes.

It’s a multi-display service (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) which allows computer games players to meet and challenge alone or in teams by betting money on their victory. The winner receives the gains.

Identity creative process

The project development team consisted of six people with complementary skills. We also worked a lot with the help of professionnals such as lawyers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, financials.

We designed an identity and a particular universe around this concept. Skiller is the arena of the digital gladiator. The games available are League of Legends and Starcraft 2. We have developed and implemented the website, as well as user experiences.

A strong team with multiple skills

Kévin Albessard \\ Front-end Developer
Steven Ankri \\ Strategy – Marketing – Finance
Jean-Briac d’Augustin \\ Web & Motion-designer
Arthur Honinckx \\Ruby On Rails Developer
Benjamin Nguyen Phuc \\ Web-designer
Tim Olekhnovitch \\ UX Designer – Team Manager

We decided not to launch the project for personal reasons despite a presentation to investors. It was a valuable experience working within a cohesive team with multiple skills.

During the presentation we released this video of the concept.